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Young Living Essential Oils
The Healthy Way - by Cindy K.

Did you realize Essential Oils (those that have therapeutic effects and are pure such as Young Living Oils) can help you  health wise with eg your Hormones,  Sleep issues, thyroid problems, detoxification, Depression, Acne, Digestive health, coughs & colds, headaches and much much more.  On top of that amazing personal care products, cleaning products, dental care and lets not forget our furry pets health.   Often overlooked is the YL line of supplements which is fantastic.  Because these oils are therapeutic grade they can also be used in cooking.  (oh and the LEMON & Peppermints oils are soooo amazing.

The cool thing about using essential oils is that you can not overdose. If e.g. you experience estrogen dominance, which is an imbalance between your estrogen and progesterone ratio, the oils or oil blends will only "top up" the one you are deficient in.

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