Cindy Klok is a caring Medical Thermogram Technician, Certified Health Coach, Healthy Breast Program Educator and former Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Consultant. Cindy has a Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Holistic Sciences. It is her desire to educate people about integrative medicine, preventative alternatives and teach how the body can heal itself, placing people in a position of true “Informed Consent”.


For more than 15 years, Cindy worked in the Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Field as a consultant before going back to College for Homeopathic Medicine and graduating with a Diploma of D.H.M.H.S (Diploma of Homeopathic Medicine and Health Sciences) in 2005.  As a busy mom with three children of her own and step-mother to four others, she knew she had to find answers and change the way she was living.


As the owner of the Thermography Clinic of Halton Region, since 2007 she offers women and practitioners pain-free technology that detects abnormalities in (breast) tissue in its earliest stages – with zero radiation.  She is passionate about her journey to wellness and shares her experiences and knowledge with others as an inspiring speaker, educator, and practitioner.


Cindy is also author of the book “A Guide to Healthy Hormones, SECRETS to breast health" which is available on Amazon, a great little book with practical and easy to implement tips for keeping not only your breasts, but entire endocrine system in perfect balance.


Cindy was raised in Holland and now lives in Guelph, Ontario with her daughter Shekinah and their lively animal entourage.