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Thermography Imaging


Breast Thermography - $250

Cranial Dental Thyroid Thermography- $199

Breast + Dental Thyroid Thermography $375  ** Best Price

Upper OR lower Body Thermography $250 each

Full Body Thermography $650

*The cost of Thermography imaging includes a complimentary telephone appointment to review results and discuss recommendations with Cindy Klok who has been imaging since 2007, studied homeopathy and has 15+ years in pharmaceutical Clinical research


Unfortunately, OHIP does not cover the cost of Thermal Imaging.


SOME benefit programs do cover a portion of the cost. (i.e. Sun Life may cover up to 80% depending on your Employer). You will need to call them and ask if they cover Thermography.  If they say NO, ask if IMAGING is covered in the OTHER category (i.e. x-rays from a chiropractor or blood work that you pay for out of pocket first).

Services are payable by cash, cheque or e-transfer to

Homeopathic Consultattions Holistic Health Assessments $75 per hour

**(intake for homeopathy usually takes 2 hours)

Follow-up visits (30-40 mins) $55