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Romana (Ro) Giosi, CTT will be your amazing and kind technician greeting you and doing your imaging at our various and growing Host locations..


Ro will go over your intake paperwork with you and ensure that you are properly acclimatized for the imaging. 


Cindy Klok, CTT, Natural Health Care consultant with training in Homeopathy and a 15+ years background In Pharmaceutical Clinical Research will be e-mailing you your report and setting a time to discuss your results via phone, skype, whatsapp; answering all your questions.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

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Sample Breast Report

Your initial appointment will take 30-40 minutes. When you arrive for your examination, you are asked to disrobe from the waist up and assume the position appropriate to the cooling method being utilized, and undergo equilibration (cooling) for a minimum of 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the technician will take a series of images including front, lateral, and oblique views.

The image taking itself only takes a couple of minutes.

Within approximately 7-10 days, you will hear via e-mail or phone from Cindy once she receives your report from our interpreter.

You will actually see the images of your breast, learn about any issues, or potential issues you may have, and be given advice on how to improve your health and help prevent breast disease. This follow-up appointment is complementary.

Thermology is a highly refined medical specialty that requires many years of training and clinical experience. Our system of analysis is based on the Marseille Analytic System developed in the prestigious Institute Pasteur located in Marseille, France. Over the years, clinicians and thermologists in North America and around the world have made key refinements and innovative additions to the system. Today, it is unrivaled in accuracy and its clinical application far exceeds any other on the market today.


Our reports include both qualitative and quantitative data based on the statistical probability of risk assessment. Our methodology is based on internationally accepted and recognized thermological signs that have been proven and supported by clinical research and evidence over many years. The comprehensive data presented on each report enables you to provide your patients with information that is critical to their health and well-being


Our reports are prepared by Kane Thermal Imaging, an outsource provider we contracted to interpret our scans. Robert L. Kane, DC, DABCT is a board certified clinical thermologist with almost 30 years’ experience in the field of clinical thermography.  Kane Thermal Imaging supports science-based thermography through innovative reporting and superior training. Dr. Kane solely interprets and does not diagnose or treat our clients

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Is breast thermography safe?


Yes. Thermography is FDA approved in the US since 1982 as an adjunctive therapy (it's not a stand-alone tool) and has been used in Europe and in many countries around the world for over 30+ years.


Thermography is a non-invasive test, which means nothing is sent into your body. Images that are created by this technology are simply measurements of the heat that naturally radiates from your body. There is no contact of any kind, nor is there any pain or radiation.

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