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My Cancer Journey

One of the important things I tell others is that once "diagnosed" and "labelled", be conscious of the words and thoughts you choose. Don't say MY (disease). Choose to use wording that makes this temporary. I often say "I was diagnosed with" .


Cancer is NOT a death sentence so please don't let the fear paralyze you.


The industry uses staging but understand that cancer is systemic, so yes, it is not only in that one spot or in that one tumor. I never talk about staging and neither do they at the Hoxsey Biomedical Centre. I also don't use the words "fight" or "battle". My body is loudly speaking to me that something (physical, mental emotional or spiritual) is out of balance. So I see my tumor as a serious message and I choose to help my body, work with my immune system. Our bodies are AMAZING and can heal themselves if we treat it well. I have loved the book "Radical Remission" and I work on all 9 "departments": radically changed my diet and use Hoxsey Tonic as a Herbal Chemo to detox and heal my body.

Breast Cancer Awareness Race

I really have learned to listen to my intuition and chosen not to belief my diagnoses (you will be dead in 3 months if you don't do our conventional approach (2.5 years ago).

I work on my positive emotions (doing Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations) and clear the negative ones.

I have strenghtened my relationship with God.

I humble myself and choose a positive social environment.

I also visualize myself cancer free in my meditations.

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