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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Have you been diagnosed with a condition or disease and want to get advise on HOW to manage it holistically?  Either as a first-line approach or alongside your medical regime?   

From my experiences as a Homeopath, Thermography Technician and Interpreter, Certified Health Coach & Breast Health Educator and 15+ year in Clinical Pharmaceutical Research, I've seen first hand what has made a huge difference for clients and their health." As a result, I decided to combine all of my knowledge and experience into a "the Breast Health Clinic" to help people make educated Healthcare choices and truly understand Informed Consent. 


I have 30+ years of experience in both the pharmaceutical and holistic fields.   I worked in Clinical Research for 15+ years and then began my holistic career with a college diploma in Homeopathic Medicines and holistic health sciences.  I am also a Certified Health Coach and have experience as a Clinical Interpreter writing thermography reports after being a CTT (imaging technician) for 10+ years.  


I would LOVE to share my extensive knowledge with YOU so you can make educated, informed decisions about your health.

Breast Cancer Awareness Race
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Regardless of your current state of health, if you are feeling like there has got to be more to feeling well and living life - you are right. Whatever is going on in your health there are lifestyle choices you can make to change the path of your health future starting today.

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